Cloud Based Access Control

Office access control is a system that restricts access to certain areas of an office building or workplace. It can be used to protect sensitive information, equipment, and assets, as well as to deter theft and vandalism. Office access control systems can be as simple as a lock and key system, or as complex as a biometric system that uses fingerprints or facial recognition to identify authorized users.

IP mounted access control units can be used to control access to individual offices, as well as to common areas such as lobbies, conference rooms, and server rooms. They can also be used to control access to different levels of a building, such as restricted areas for executives or confidential information.

Business physicall security access control keypads from schlage

Cloud Based Access Control

RCK15 Wall Mount IP Reader Controller with Keypad

The RCK15 wall mount with keypad is a next-generation IP reader controller designed for scalable and flexible real-time access control in perimeter and high security applications. The all-in-one device leverages the comprehensive ecosystem from Schlage and offers simplified architecture, installation and integration into open PACS solutions, including Pure Access Cloud.

Schlage RC15 Wall Mount Access Control IP Reader


  • Electronics bring more visibility and control to the opening
  • Communication is secured using industry standard TLS 1.2 encryption
  • Tamper detection via accelerometer senses any type of altering and prevents a security breach with the reader
  • Accommodates interior, exterior, metal and non-metal installation environments


  • Commission via ENGAGE™ mobile app for easy configuration
  • Local mode results in faster response times, less network traffic and reduced host system loading
  • Connects to existing Technology networks via a single PoE cable, reducing install time by eliminating need to run separate power to the door


  • Three configurable inputs; Door Position (DPS), Request to Exit (REX), and Auxiliary (AUX)
  • Designed with technology to support Bluetooth, NFC and smart credentials for flexible migration paths
  • Credential parity standard with Schlage readers and wireless locks; ISONAS credential parity is a factory orderable option (specify CE-5902-0403)
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Traditional Telephony

Full featured desk telephone seat that gives a few benefits of VoIP but aims for businesses new to IP telecom.

  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Control Capabilities
  • Auto Attendant
  • Receptionist
  • Call Queues
  • Hunt Groups
  • Voicemail to Email
$19.95 / seat / month

Available Additional Features

  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Advanced Host Controls
  • Screen and Application Sharing
  • Remote Desktop
  • Outlook Integration
  • Speech-to-Text
  • Transcription
  • Call Recording
  • CRM Integration
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