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Hosted VoIP

Route calls direct to employees no matter where they work – with full feature functionality.

Network Infrastructure

Network UN-reliability impacts EVERY aspect of your business. Make sure you’re 100%.

Access Control

Advanced access control technology including biometric scanning, facial recognition, and more.


AI-driven NVR software can identify unrecognized persons, license plates, and automate alarms to keep you safe and save you time.


Powerful management features to ensure your Wi-Fi remains optimal and secure at all times.

Cloud Based Video Conference & AV Infrastructure

State of the art video conference rooms and all associated equipment microphones speakers and room control.

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Professionally Designed and Deployed

Your cloud-driven system needs to solve your problem; it needs to be simple to use, and most importantly it needs to maintain business security. We:

  1. Listen to what you need
  2. Identify the right devices, software and infrastructure design
  3. Deploy the system
  4. Teach you how to use it
  5. Answer your call immediately if/when you have additional questions

We Respond to Problems before You Call…
Wait, What?!@#!!

We are as close to your cloud solution as you are. Convergence Platform notifies us when anything looks like it might go wrong. Which means we fix problems proactively to maintain peak business functionality.

Best Customer Service in Denver

Convergence Solutions offers the highest level of account management so that your Technology always gets the job done. That means anyone on your team can call with questions. We’ll answer, and we won’t make you go through 5 levels of auto-attendant to speak to a professional.

Cloud VoIP Sounds Complicated but Simplifies Business Phone Service

A lot of people think new technology means more complexity, more problems. With cloud PBX, that isn’t actually the case.

The main reason behind the simplicity of cloud is that it requires much less equipment. Traditional telephony deploys the entire infrastructure on premise, where it needs to be managed, maintained and serviced.

Cloud PBX pushes that equipment to the cloud. So you don’t need to worry about power outage considerations, UPS (Universal Power Supply) investments, or that music-on-hold player.

Anything you would normally buy and install to an office-based system is cloud based, where we can service and maintain it immediately.

Faster Response, More Redundancy, Less Cost

There is no way we could offer our level of service with premise-based equipment. With cloud, we often get things done in minutes that would require hours of time and hundreds of dollars to service on-premise.

Instead we minimize the technology that lives on site and transition it to the cloud. There we can achieve the highest level of fault tolerance. This means that many of the issues that would take an on-premise system offline are never felt by your employees or your customers at all. The failover kicks in seamlessly so your business keeps working while Convergence fixes the issue.

What Does True VoIP Account Management Look Like?

“Can you close our phone service for us?”

A customer had started Convergence service within the previous six months. They called to inform our staff that they were closing for the day. “Can you close our phone service for us?” Small requests like these include everything from resetting a voicemail password to changing a name on a phone. Our platform is structured so that users do have the ability to perform these tasks themselves. In the above case the system admin could have enacted their away message. But we are happy to service these requests because we understand how much time and energy we save our customers. Larger VoIP providers don’t do things like that in a timely manner, which can make it difficult for SMBs to get things done.

Deploy Convergence Cloud VoIP within 24 Hours

Many of our customers call us with an immediate problem, and they need a workable communications solution as soon as possible. Convergence frequently deploys cloud solution within a matter of hours, or a day at most. If you do need a working, reliable, cost-effective solution, we have a few options for you:

  • VoIP
  • Cloud PBX
  • SIP Trunking (could take longer)

If you have any questions, please call! A knowledgeable staff member will listen and give you the best advice for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our VoIP Customer Service!


Why ConvergenceCloud?

Unlimited Calling

The telecom industry is moving too slowly. Why nickle-and-dime you over minutes when it’s all just data?

ConvergenceCloud delivers unlimited local or long-distance minutes. Every one of our plans are inclusive with no additional items costs.

Friendly Customer Support Based in Denver

As a Denver business, we are in the neighborhood to support you as much or as little as you need. If VoIP is new to you, our service representatives can take you through the process, so you know your communications will go uninterrupted.

The Most Cost-Effective Telecom in the Industry