Why Your Company Should Utilize Cloud-Based Access Control

December 18th, 2023 by admin

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More recently, technological developments have focused on improving commercial security and business efficiency; access control systems are now the industry norm. However, an increasing number of businesses are now opting for cloud-based access control systems because of their obvious advantages.

Implementation of cloud-based access control systems brings numerous benefits to businesses, and that's what we look at in this post.

Below, we share several reasons why your company should utilize cloud-based access control, but before we dive into the reasons, here's an overview of how cloud-based access control works.

Cloud-Based Access Control – Overview

Essentially, access control is a security solution that helps businesses manage the information that comes and goes through the business network.

Unlike traditional security systems, a cloud-based access control goes beyond the traditional access management role. It allows businesses to control access to the information in the cloud beyond the physical security within the premises (on the server).

Now, let's learn about a few reasons why your company should utilize cloud-based access control.

Advantages Your Business Can Enjoy With Cloud-Based Access Control

Enhanced Business Security

Security is one of the top priorities, and a cloud-based access control system allows you to enjoy improved business security. By using the latest cryptographic algorithms, modern access control systems ensure that all your data is secure, even if there is a problem with your hardware.

Moreover, cloud-based access control allows all stakeholders easy access to information. Instead of carrying keys or access cards, a cloud-based access control improves security by allowing access via smartphones, which significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Furthermore, the enhanced security features of cloud-based access control allow all stakeholders to stay connected via smartphones. Hence, in case of an emergency, all stakeholders will be automatically notified by the system, allowing businesses to enjoy enhanced data security.

Off-Site Data Hosting With Automated Upgrades

A cloud-based system doesn't store your data on a physical server within your business premises. Instead, all the data is stored and hosted on a cloud-based system that doesn't shut down.

Off-site data hosting allows businesses to save costs, as hosting data on a physical server is cost and labor-intensive. Moreover, it also requires ongoing maintenance for upgrades. By investing in a cloud-based access control system, you can increase your business efficiency by reducing cost and the need for frequent maintenance as upgrades and maintenance are automated.

Improved Flexibility

A cloud-based access control system allows improved flexibility for businesses. It helps businesses manage system access permissions from a single platform, which can be a great advantage for companies operating at multiple physical sites.

Effective Resource Management

Installing and maintaining an in-house physical server can be expensive as it requires a lot of time and resources. However, a cloud-based access control system allows you to manage your resources, including time and money, effectively.

With a cloud-based access control system, you only pay the fee for the server and get rid of all the hassle and cost involved in the installation and maintenance of a physical server. As a result, your business can improve its bottom line in the long run.

Robust Support

When you opt for a cloud-based access control system, you sign up for upgraded access to more robust support. Unlike traditional on-site control systems that require on-site technical support, cloud-based access control solution providers offer support that's just a click away.

Whether you need assistance with changing access requirements or there's an issue with your overall control system, your software provider will take care of all your needs in no time.

Effective Integration With Seamless Workflow

Cloud-based access control systems can be conveniently integrated with any software or system. Effective integration allows for a smoother workflow, task automation, and delegation. For example, if a team lead updates the conference room calendar, all the team members will automatically get access to the area for the specified time.

Through integration, a cloud-based access control improves workflow and optimizes business efficiency.

Cloud-Based Access Control Solution for Your Business

If your business hasn't signed up for a cloud-based access control system yet, now is the time to do so. Convergence Solutions is your go-to choice for office access control systems. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you at each step to improve the security of your business. Whether you need a physical security solution or want to protect critical business information, our cloud-based access control systems can guard against unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism.

If you want to learn more about Cloud-Based Access Control, contact us today.

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