Cloud Access Control Systems: A Giant Leap Forward in Security and Convenience

April 14th, 2021 by admin

Computer and Phone Network Connected to the Cloud

Now is a great time to transition your access control system to the Cloud. Learn how this latest step in technology is removing gaps in your defense while being easier to manage.

As a long-time access control systems installer, we have seen the technology transform a couple of times, and this most recent development from premise-based to Cloud-based control caused us to stop offering premise-based solutions altogether. By the end of this article, you’ll understand how powerful features, benefits, and lower long-term costs make the Cloud the best solution on the market today.

What makes Cloud access control systems better than older technology?

The closest competitor to Cloud access control is premise access control. While both of these technologies are managed with Information Technology, premise-based systems are managed from office hardware. Cloud solutions are managed from a secure Cloud solution, which makes them more adaptable.

What makes Cloud better than Premise?

Premise-based systems force you to manage card readers and other peripheral equipment from a single location, but this can be inconvenient at times.

For example, a client of ours had recently installed a Cloud access control system. Their employee didn’t know how to “lock up” before the scheduled close time. Unfortunately, she needed to leave early!

She called our help desk, and we were able to make the change for her instantly via mobile device, scheduling the door to lock early for that day only.

With a premise-based access control system, we would have either had to install some kind of remote access, or we wouldn’t have been able to help her. The office would have stayed unlocked until the scheduled close time, leaving it wide open to theft.

With the Cloud, all maglocks, strike-locks, and readers are managed through a robust Cloud portal, delivering precision controls to any device with Internet access, desktop, or mobile device. The accessibility of the Cloud solves many problems of premise-based solutions.

What makes any IT access control better?

Precision Access Control

Think less about how to stay secure, but strengthen your security when you can deliver access for anyone, to any door, at any specified time.

  • Users
  • User groups
  • Doors
  • Door Groups
  • Portals
  • Schedules

Multiple Key Types

Keypads accept phone ids (Bluetooth) PIN codes, cards, FOBs, and dots.

Print picture ID badges

Integrate with printing software easily to create valid picture identification within seconds.

Secure Cloud devices

Cloud is potentially vulnerable, so hardware vendors need to invest in your security. The hardware we use registers to the Cloud by mac address. These are impossible to duplicate and cannot be tampered with. Be sure to ask your local access control specialist about Cloud security.

True scalability

Unlike traditional access control systems, the Cloud is scalable in increments of one to one thousand, and control can be divided into subgroups of users and doors. This allows organizations to change or lease without incurring excess costs.

Slow migration option if you don’t have the cap-ex

Some of our clients don’t have the budget to pay for an entire system all at once. With the Cloud, we can transition you slowly and efficiently, one door at a time.


Manage all your locations from anywhere, on any device. Simply divvy up your offices into door groups.


Building managers love the Cloud because they can grant complete control to sub-groups, enabling tenants to manage their own keys and access points. They can even white-label their Cloud access control and offer it for a premium.

Any environment

We have installed systems for many different kinds of offices and organizations, from law firms, to municipal facilities, retail locations, and warehouses. The Cloud can secure you anywhere.


Cloud-based systems integrate easily with any other system via a secure API.

Microsoft Active Directory

Larger companies can use Active Directory to help manage access control and identification badges for many users.

Surveillance systems

Use security cameras to take a picture whenever someone enters or exits the building and automatically attach the picture as an event to their security key log.

Intercom and website

Do you want to give visitors special access during business hours? Link your website to our Cloud API to send authentication tokens by automated email.

Comparing cost of Cloud and premise

Cloud access control systems, which are more flexible, feature-rich, and integrated have caused premise-based systems to drop their pricing to remain competitive. However, that cost disadvantage is offset by long-term savings.

Low labor cost

Cloud-based systems are amazingly simple to set up. We literally spend one-quarter of the time to get your system up and running.

Equal parts cost

A door is a door, and whether you’re installing a reader or a maglock, that process is the same.

Lower maintenance and long-term costs

Automatic software updates, more convenient changes, and additions, and easy remote management make Cloud access control systems even less costly over time.

Convergence Cloud Access, powered by Isonas

We have used Isonas Cloud access hardware for years because their hardware is reliable, secure, and feature-rich.

If you are interested in installing a Cloud access control system for your organization, please give us a call to see how we can help you.

Contact us today to learn more about Cloud access control systems!

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