VoIP - An Enhanced Way of Conducting Business

February 14th, 2022 by admin

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Renowned as a proven technology, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a methodology that makes it convenient for you, or anyone for that matter to make calls via an internet connection. With broadband usage rising, VoIP has become the primary choice for many consumers and businesses.

What is all the hype? Well, it is inexpensive. Low costs attract the customer! Additionally, cloud phone service providers also now include compelling features in their services, which you will not be able to find on any standard phone. From custom caller ID to call recording, there is nothing that these services cannot do!

What is VoIP?

VoIP has become the norm when it comes to setting up a secure internet connection - with this, you can avail yourself of the benefit of calling anyone without the need for a local service.

The primary benefit that VoIP service providers provide is routing both the incoming and outgoing calls that you do get. They may seem like providers who are there for the very purpose of establishing calls, but there is much more to it. A trusted provider in this field can also help you with other specialized services. First, you will have to plug in your IP phone, and voila! You get a speedy internet connection.

As per a recent study posted, 93.5% of individuals within the USA have access to a speedy internet connection.

What are the benefits associated with VoIP?

The benefits here are quite vast! Hence, it is your time to celebrate! A few of them which have particularly caught our attention are:

  • No on-site equipment: Because hosted phone solutions are present, you don't need to purchase any equipment. Hence, this amounts to low cost and more space - which you can adjust as per your needs.
  • No maintenance: Additionally, you don't have to fret over maintenance or upgrades with VoIP service. The reason is that there is no physical hardware involved in the first place.
  • Cheap: At this age, we all want cost-friendly options. This is where VoIP comes in as your best friend. There are no service or capital-intensive equipment costs, making this service highly viable. Moreover, you can pay monthly. This will help you be mindful of your expenditure and reap all the benefits these services offer simultaneously!
  • Fully functional phone: With the functionality of your phone system, you can get online anywhere! Moreover, you have mobile data-free WiFi at cafes and even at bookstores, making staying in touch 24/7 as easy as eating a slice of pie!
  • Flexibility within your hands! The flexibility you can attain with VoIP is truly mind-boggling. You can easily devote yourself to your business without having to worry about an unstable internet connection, which could cost you millions if you aren't careful. Moreover, this way, you will also be better positioned to prioritize the things that truly matter to you. In this case, online telephony works as a keeper. You can easily set it up in minutes and expand as you please! With this by your side, you won't be stuck with the same old features or hardware you are looking forward to discarding.

Why is VoIP the best choice for businesses?

For businesses, in particular, VoIP is a great choice. The reason is that for small companies, or emerging entrepreneurial ventures, the initial capital investment can seem quite a daunting task.

When you have rents to pay, employees to feed, and a business to run, allocating costs should be your prime responsibility. For this very reason, since VoIP calls for no maintenance or capital equipment in the first place, this is seen to be an attractive option by many.

Moreover, if you talk about the already established corporations, then for them to compete effectively in the market, they need to adapt to rapidly changing trends. This is the era of the internet, and digitalization, which everyone should certainly be employed in their companies.

What intriguing plans does Convergence Solutions offer?

A question that our audience base tends to ask us is, "Why should we choose you?" The response we have is, "Why shouldn't you?"

With years of proven experience in VoIP solutions, we know the nitty-gritty regarding it, and that too by heart! We offer to save 25-50% of your cost while enjoying high sound quality at the same time. The bandwidth we used is robust, and this means that you will be paying only a fraction of the cost for what you're getting. This bargain is incredible, and you need it!

Additionally, the VoIP that we host is utterly flexible to your location. Convergence Cloud's phone service is built to withstand all unforeseen circumstances, including blizzards, hails, or storms.

We are also huge supporters of regulations. We wholeheartedly support the E911 frameworks. Whenever our customers contact us, we strive to ensure that they have the same knowledge as we do because your business is an investment. We want it to bear fruit for you.

Lastly, our VoIP solutions are accessible from various locations worldwide and can operate on other devices such as laptops or tablets.


The invention of VoIP is not new - it has been here for quite a few years, but its popularity has surged ever since the pandemic hit. VoIP secured numerous businesses from going bankrupt, and people from losing their jobs in itself is a huge thing.

If you need to save on costs, muster more clients, and benefit from high profitability margins, then VoIP is your best bet! Convergence Solutions has fascinating packages, deals, and much more.

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