Call Recording with Simple PCI Compliance Features

May 19th, 2021 by admin

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Deliver incredible customer service by equipping your call centers with these practical features that also make PCI compliance much easier to manage.

Keeping customer information secure is more than a compliance issue. It’s a trust issue. Yes, you want to be sure you deliver incredible service, but not at the cost of security or privacy. In the past, this caused either a trade-off or at the very least added another layer of complexity. “Dial 3 for Billing; Dial 4 for customer service.”

That might have been considered premium service ten years ago, but now there are better options. Within the next few minutes, we’ll take you through the process, so you know how to reach the next level with your business communications.

Stop choosing call recording OR over-the-phone billing. You can have both in the cloud.

As digital calling has matured it has been a real benefit to businesses. The value started with cost since digital communications were so much cheaper than traditional phone lines, but the most exciting characteristic of digital has always been its flexibility. This primary characteristic is capitalized to the fullest extent in cloud deployments since we can seamlessly manage and update the software so that your business sees immediate benefits with every update.

This couldn’t be more important in today’s world of PCI compliance. If you are among the 24% of American businesses that have not switched to digital voice (Business 2 Community, “The State of Business VoIP and Where It’s Headed in 2018”), then it might be time to make the switch. Keep reading to see how recent cloud features make PCI compliance easier.

PCI Compliance Recommendations for Call Centers

Since 2006 the Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council has improved the security of transaction and payment processes to help reduce fraud and save consumers’ money. When it comes to compliance, actually we know exactly how challenging PCI standards can be: they publish three sets of standards for 2) Manufacturers; 2) Software Developers; and 3) Merchants & Service Providers. The full list of standards are available on the PCI website.

The one that comes into play for call recordings is:

“Do not store any sensitive cardholder data in computers or on paper.”

This poses a problem if you want to record your calls AND take payments over the phone since many call-recording solutions will automatically record the entire call. It’s just a faucet service that is either always on or always off.

More advanced calling solutions solve this problem easily.

One button to keep digital call recordings free of sensitive data

There is no doubt that call recording can transform your call centers. From random live call scoring to call recording & scoring, to an almost infinite array of customer experience practices, as well as protective practices, sales, and service organizations have capitalized on advanced calling features for many years.

  • Training purposes
    • Recordings can be used as examples in training regimens
    • Managers review and score calls to help cultivate talent and ensure that standardized practices are being followed
  • Legal protection
    • If a customer claims the business made a promise the business can find the recording and validate fault/blame
  • Understanding sales and service data
    • Questions about sales and service data can always be validated by looking back at recordings to see on a granular level what is happening during sales and service calls

In the past this often meant telecom/IT needed to engineer a system that would allow most calls to be recorded but not billing calls. These systems were necessarily a bit more complex, especially considering that customers would be forced to call multiple times or multiple departments just to resolve an issue.

Start/stop record.

The advanced calling features offered by Convergence Solutions Customer-Centric Plan equip your call centers with the latest software designed to help you achieve customer-service excellence conveniently. When technology works closely with businesses like yours, relatively simple features like this one can really make a big difference in your business.

What if you could solve customer problems in just one seamless interaction?

Start/stop is just one among many incredibly useful features we deploy to give sales and service agents more power to help your customers get things done quickly. Additional features include:

  • Search
  • Call labeling
  • Whisper/barge
  • Seamless transitions from voice to video and/or collaboration
  • More…

Final note on employee training: Definitely read this!

At Convergence Solutions we see technology as an important piece of the puzzle. It seems obvious that in order to achieve value from a feature someone needs to use it. We train your employees to ensure that everyone uses features when a situation requires them. It comes down to better customer service: people helping people.

If you would like to learn more about our advanced features please just call or email us. We’d be happy to walk you through our services.

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